Art, Design, Creativity Combine to Expand our Horizons!

Cricket House Studios has operated for over two decades. In that time they have developed a high standard of quality, creativity and inspiration used in their designs the world over. CricketDiane and Kazz have a combined experience of over fifty years in Art, Design and Photography, Gift Design and Gift Making.

Cricket House Studios Designs are offered and sold domestically and internationally on a variety of products for your home, school, office or lifestyle. 

The Artists and Designers of Cricket House Studios are masters of their craft, who enjoy bringing style, design and color into the everyday world around us. 

Currently, Cricket House Studios offers their designs through a print on-demand platform Zazzle.com/Cricketdiane. They also offer their services for private clients and licensing of their designs.Cricket House Studios offers an in-house photographer, Photoshop and real time customization and personalized design. 

Cricket House Studios is also on social media!
They also have a blog -
Cricketdiane.wordpress.com andKazzPhotos.wordpress.com

CricketDiane has a Twitter Handle@Ambeautifulshow
Kazz has a Twitter handle@Kazz087

They are also on Facebook -facebook.com/crickethousestudios
 Kazz -  facebook.com/kasha.phillipslewis
CricketDiane -facebook.com/cricketcphillips

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